The Straits Times
July 5, 2016



"Born into a family of tabla players, Nawaz Mirajkar learnt to play the traditional Indian drum under the strict but loving hand of his father."



“I feel proud of Sri Nawaz Mirajkar, for his talent and skill on music: he is dedicated and sincere about his work… Apart from his musical talent, he is modest and kind as a person, this is important also to be a nice human being. I am happy for Nawaz and pray to God for his all success in his career. In this album he maintains the traditional Gharana that he studied from his great father, Ustad Mohammad Hanif Khan Mirajkar.”

Pandit Anindo Chatterjee

“Hailing from a great Gharana, Nawaz is a fine traditional ‘tabla nawaz’ and a distinguished pupil of his father, Ustad Mohammad Hanif Khan Mirajkar and grandfather Ustad Mehboob Khan Saheb Mirajkar. All I can give to such a wonderful artist are my blessings.”

Ustad Sultan Khan