"Keep practising. As with any subject, repetition is key. For tabla, it is paramount. Only with practice comes experience. And with experience comes understanding, to which there is no end."

Advice to aspiring tabla player

Inspiring the Next Generation

While being a performing artiste, Nawaz is at the same time inspiring a young generation of aspiring percussionists through the Temple of Fine Arts (TFA) in Singapore and Johor Bahru, where he serves as a teacher of classical tabla playing. His work at TFA has played a significant role in spreading traditional Indian music across different age groups and races in Singapore. Nawaz also serves as an Adjunct Faculty Member at the Music Faculty of the School of The Arts (SOTA), Singapore.
Nawaz has tutored more than 250 students over the past 13 years. To date, 11 students have graduated ('arangetram') from TFA's tabla programme, many of whom have gone on to become full-fledged musicians. Since 2010, he has produced successful graduation performances (arangetram) for his senior students that drew rave reviews for the high level of excellence both in presentation and performance.
His students have also won both the senior and junior categories in the National Indian Music Competition organized by the National Arts Council.
Understanding the importance of authentic experiences, Nawaz provides his students with opportunities to perform in all his major musical productions, performing alongside professional musicians from Singapore and overseas.